Free Orly Polish with Cosmopolitan magazine

The fashion magazines really are outdoing themselves in the run up to Christmas!

Cosmo, price £3.90 are giving away a free Orly polish with every issue this month (it’s the issue with Miley Cyrus on the front cover). They’re 5.6ml, and Boots sells that size for £5.


There are four shades on offer, from left to right, are –
Star Spangled – a bright, glittery red that’s almost a dupe of China Glaze Red Slippers and Milani Ruby Jewels.
Hair Band – gold glitter top coat
Country Club Khaki – mid taupe
Naughty – a very dark red, ‘oxblood’ shade that’s very appropriate for winter

They’re nothing new – all the colours have been released before, but they’re nice, wearable colours all the same.

I’m eyeing up Hair Band for a glitter gradient…

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2 thoughts on “Free Orly Polish with Cosmopolitan magazine

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  2. I’m gonna be hunting Glamour though, full size Nails inc ; )

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