Barry M Confetti – a Nails Inc Feathers dupe


This is Barry M confetti in Marshmallow, layered over Nails Inc Great Marlborough Street.
I really like the matte bar glitter effect of the Confetti top coat. There is a good amount of bar glitter (the above swatch shows one coat) and it’s easy to apply. However, the Marshmallow shade is meant to be pink and white. Unfortunately, if you want something that actually looks pink, then I would suggest that you may be disappointed. I tried it over a few different colours, and it always just seems to end up looking white throughout, which is a shame. Some people have talked about Marshmallow as a dupe for Nails Inc Feathers in York, but York is a much more intense peachy colour. Nails Inc is also RRP £11, whereas Marshmallow is £3.99. So, it’s not a dupe but it is a cheaper alternative.

I’ve used Nails Inc Great Marlborough Street as the base coat here. It’s a very deep reddy-purple colour. It needs two coats to eliminate streakiness, and at that point it’s almost black. However, it does make for a rather less harsh alternative to black, which many people (including me!) like.

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