Masking Tape


When I say masking tape, I really mean striping tape that’s been used a bit like masking tape!

To create this look, I first used one coat of Nails Inc King Edward Street, and then let it dry completely. Next, I put several pieces of striping tape (I got what seems like a lifetime supply for £1.36 inc. P&P here) onto each nail, making sure that I left a ‘tail’ so that I could remove them easily. Next, I painted one nail at a time with Nails Inc New York Noir (currently free on the front of Glamour magazine). Immediately after, I removed each piece of striping tape in reverse order (i.e. the last one that was put on was taken off first). Finally, when dry, apply a clear top coat to protect the design.

Top tips

  • make sure your base coat is completely dry before you apply the striping tape
  • remember the order in which you put the strips on, as this makes removing them far easier
  • you can use any colours you like, but remember that the top coat must be opaque enough to offer complete coverage in one coat
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4 thoughts on “Masking Tape

  1. Can’t you lift like the entire tape load at once? (I got some tape and I can’t ain’t to use it)

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