Distressed Mirror


Alas, there are no before and after pictures for this one, because I’m an idiot and forgot to take any!

This full length mirror started its new life with me when I bought it for £5 from a house clearance a few doors down. It was white, with gold detailing – I think my own mum has the same thing, so it’s far from uncommon.

I painted the mirror with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue (left over from this project), and then waxed it using Annie Sloan Clear Wax. When that was dry, I took some fine grain sandpaper, and used it to bring some of the gold detailing back out again. I had to be really careful at this point – the gold was really thin, so it was all too easy to take that little bit too much off, and end up with something more white than gold.

However, it went well, and after I had finished distressing I rewaxed, and set about the not inconsiderable task of getting the wax off the mirror (word to the wise: use masking tape and be less slap-dash than me) and the mirror now hangs on  my bedroom wall.

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One thought on “Distressed Mirror

  1. Andrew Brown says:

    Nice work! We did a very similar project last week, I hope you’re as happy with your results as we are with ours!

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