Tutorial: Christmas Tux


Christmas is coming up, and that normally means that people reach for the glitter and snowflake stickers when it comes to nails. I decided to be a bit different, and swap glitter for monochrome! These nails are a nod towards what the other sex will be wearing to all those Christmas balls – a tux!


To recreate this look
1. Start by painting your nails white – I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
2. Use a black Rio nail art pen to draw two lines from the middle of your cuticle to the tip of your nail, making sure that they cross slightly at the end.
3. Fill in the outer areas
4. Using the pen attachment, put three small dots for buttons
5. Still using the pen attachment, draw a larger dot towards the end of your nail
6. ‘Drag’ out the excess polish to form a bow shape.

These are a lot easier than they look, I promise!

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3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Christmas Tux

  1. jordie says:

    too cute tux nails

  2. Love them, and respect for those freehanded straight lines! : h

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