Tutorial: Bling It On Rocks Dupe


So, Nails Inc has brought out a ‘Bling It On Rocks’ range, which is a bit of a rip off, truth be told. I decided to create my own alternative.

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This is the original, which costs £20 ($32 US)

The lovely Flutter and Sparkle has produced this swatch of Bling It On Rocks – it’s a bit different to mine in that she has applied it to all her nails, whereas I just did one accent nail, and she used black glitter, but black glitter is readily available and fundamentally this shows that Bling It On Rocks is an effect easily achieved without the application of £20!


To create the look at the top of the page, I used a combination of Nails Inc Soho Silver (which came free with Glamour magazine) and some glitter dust that I bought from eBay for 99p (they sell black glitter too).
To create the look, I applied two coats of Soho Silver to each nail. But whilst the ring finger was still wet, I pushed it into the glitter pot, so that the glitter stuck to the nail. When dry, I brushed the excess off using a make-up brush that I already owned. Nails Inc include a clear top coat to seal the design. I have to admit that I didn’t use a top coat on my design above, but if you do then I would strongly advise that you use a different bottle of top coat to your usual one. This is because you’re likely to find that the brush picks up the glitter and it ends up back in the bottle again.

And that’s how I created the design at the top of this post!

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One thought on “Tutorial: Bling It On Rocks Dupe

  1. Oooh, I like it, blingy shiny!

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