Old McDonald


Not many people know that I used to work on a farm, with the livestock (no, really) – and I rather miss it in a way. I kept ‘productive pet’ chickens for six years, too (before it was fashionable, if I want to claim hipster status!).

This barnyard collection consists of a bee, a chicken, a pig and a cow. Why a bee, you ask? Because not many people appreciate how important bees are to agriculture and because sheep are really difficult.

Bee: basecoat of Rio nail art pen in yellow (I don’t have another yellow!) with other detailing in black and white Rio pens.
Chicken: basecoat of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, detailing with Rio pens
Pig: basecoat of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street and detailing in Rimmel Hot Shot
cownail1. Start with a basecoat of white polish (OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls)
2. Using a dotting tool and Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, create a nose
3. Use a smaller dotting tool and Nails Inc New York Noir to create some black patches around the face. This is the fun bit, as you can basically put it wherever you like so long as you leave space for the eyes.
4. Add two circles for eyes using a nail art brush, and create two nostrils using a small dotting tool and Rimmel Hot Shot.
5. Finally, add in the pupils with a dotting tool and black nail polish.

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