Swatch: No7 Twinkle Glitter



It turns out that this is a really difficult polish to photograph! I love it in real life a lot more than I do in this picture. It’s lovely for the Christmas party season.

No7 Twinkle Glitter is a limited edition and currently sold out online at Boots, but I was able to find some in my local branch. However, if you can’t find any then don’t fret! It’s kinda similar to China Glaze Lust and Lush, and Nails Inc Burlington Arcade.

It’s an iridescent flakie that mostly flashes blue shades, but that can vary depending on what colour you layer it over. The colours I tried out were

  • Index Finger: Barry M Gelly in Blueberry
  • Ring Finger: Barry M in Red Wine
  • Middle Finger: Nails Inc in New York Noir
  • Little Finger: Rimmel Lycra Pro in Navy Seal
  • Thumb: Essie We’re In It Together

All of them made Twinkle Glitter flash predominantly blue shades, but the pink was a little different, as it turned it more of a pink shade.

You’ll need to add a couple of top coats over the top too, as otherwise it’s prone to lifting a little at the corners of the flakes, but it’s a lovely top coat.

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