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Tutorial: Swallow Cushion

I made this swallow cushion summer before last, using a plain cream-coloured cushion cover (from Wilkinson’s, if I remember correctly), some blue thread and a bag of mixed blue buttons from eBay.

I started with a silhouette that I found on the internet and then edited it until it looked like this.


Then, I printed it off at the size I wanted, pinned it to the cushion, and sewed all around (backstitch) in blue thread. From there, I filled it with buttons, and then filled in the holes between the buttons with blue seed beads.


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A Round Up of 2013

Happy new year everyone! It’s been an amazing start to blogging for me, though I only started on October 31st 2013, so this is really something of a round-up of the last two months. So, without further ado

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In first place:


Baby Blue Two
I got SO many compliments on this mani when I was out, and I was really chuffed when the Nailasaurus tweeted me to say how much she loved them!

Cherry and Coconut Cupcakes  You guys proved that you liked the fact this isn't just a nail art blog, by liking this recipe + photo

Cherry and Coconut Cupcakes
You guys proved that you liked the fact this isn’t just a nail art blog, by liking this recipe + photo

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Yep, it’s December, and so (according to my housemates) it’s time for decorations. Does anyone remember the ‘vegetarian hunting trophy’ I blogged about last month?

Well, the deer has become Rudolph!


I bought a red foam clown’s nose to create Rudolph


Here he is with some ‘earrings’ (antlerings?) but I can’t quite decide whether I prefer this version or the more understated one. What do you think?

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Distressed Mirror


Alas, there are no before and after pictures for this one, because I’m an idiot and forgot to take any!

This full length mirror started its new life with me when I bought it for £5 from a house clearance a few doors down. It was white, with gold detailing – I think my own mum has the same thing, so it’s far from uncommon.

I painted the mirror with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue (left over from this project), and then waxed it using Annie Sloan Clear Wax. When that was dry, I took some fine grain sandpaper, and used it to bring some of the gold detailing back out again. I had to be really careful at this point – the gold was really thin, so it was all too easy to take that little bit too much off, and end up with something more white than gold.

However, it went well, and after I had finished distressing I rewaxed, and set about the not inconsiderable task of getting the wax off the mirror (word to the wise: use masking tape and be less slap-dash than me) and the mirror now hangs on  my bedroom wall.

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Tutorial: Damask Table Nest

I’m going to show you how to make these:


When I moved into my (furnished) house, for some reason, it came without a coffee table. Something had to be done. Unfortunately, my living room is a bit cozy, so I needed to minimise the floor space that any table would take up. Enter: the nest of tables. Small, about the right height, and can double in area when we’re entertaining. Perfect!

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The Girly Bike Mechanic

The Girly Bike Mechanic

This is what happens when you need to change the inner tube on your bike

Created with: L’Oreal Colour Riche in Scarlet Vamp, L’Oreal Colour Riche in Confetti, and substantial quantities of grime…

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A Detour into Masonry & Restoration

When my grandmother said that she wanted the numbers on her garden gate repainted, this was the result. No before pics, unfortunately, but it was decades since it was last painted, and the gateposts are from the the 1840s, so it wasn’t a smooth surface. I took it from a cream and green design that was very chipped and faded to a stand-out cream and red version. I used two pots of masonry paint and a standard artist’s paintbrush, and then freehanded over the existing design.


Just as I was finishing, an elderly gent stopped, complimented me and said I should be an artist, which was very sweet!

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Tutorial: Decopatch Bookshelves


I’m going to show you how to make these bookshelves.

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The Vegetarian Hunting Trophy

The Vegetarian Hunting Trophy

I’m rather in love with this deer trophy from Rocket and Rye (£25). It’s made in untreated, laser-cut plywood, so you could paint a design on it if you wanted, but I prefer the natural look. I like to think of it as being a modern twist on my family’s taxidermy obsession. It now hangs on our living room wall above the sofa, and gets many a compliment!

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