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Transgender Day of Remembrance


So I was handed this ribbon yesterday because it’s trans* day of remembrance on Thursday 20th November.

It’s a day where trans* people who have been killed in violent incidents are remembered. In the last year, 226 trans* people have been killed around the world – that’s more than two a week.

The ribbon is based on the trans flag. The blue colour represents male, pink for female, and white for everything inbetween, including gender neutral, genderqueer, intersex and agender people.

I went for a relatively simple design, with the colours changed around a bit. I didn’t want to make the reference uber obvious – I’d sooner that it was something of an ‘in reference’. The polishes that I used were
– Sinful Colors Snow Me White
– Nails Inc Elizabeth Street
– 17 Heart Beat


I Have Returned!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m afraid finishing my degree had to come first! It’s finished now though 😀

Anyway, this is a relatively simple design involving 17 Heart Beat, Essence Metal Glam Gold Topper (an import from the continent, it’s essentially just a gold flakie) and some gold studs, all finished off with a layer or two of Seche Vite!


So, I know a lot of you like to follow blogs via Facebook. I set up a Facebook page for Procrastacreation a few weeks ago and forgot to, y’know, tell anyone about it! So, click like (you can either click the link below, or use the widget on your right) and I will deliver nail art, food and furniture direct to your news feed almost every day. What could be better?

Procrastacreation on Facebook!

I’ve also made it much easier to find what you’re looking for by adding a search bar, and improving the menu bar at the top, so you can find particular designs more easily

Umbrellas in the Park

imageThis is what I see on my daily commute – it’s a temporary art installation in my local park, consisting of umbrellas hanging from trees over the path. I love it for its simplicity and use of colour – as well as it being a nod towards Manchester’s undeserved reputation for always raining!

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Goodness gracious me, I’ve joined the twenty-first century! You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the button below


Oop North



Couldn’t have said it better myself

Spotted near Oxford Road Station, Manchester

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