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GOTpolish Challenge: Green

So, here’s the newest installment of the GOTpolish Challenge 2014! This week’s challenge is green. Not a colour I normally wear, I must confess, so my options for which polish I could use were somewhat limited.

So, to create this mani I
1. Used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (two coats)
2. Using the regular brush from the bottle, I applied an off-centre stripe of Sinful Colors Exotic Green
3. Using a Rio nail art pen, I drew four lines on each nail


Next week, I have a rather unromantic Valenines day mani for you!

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Taste the Rainbow: Skittle Mani

Or should that be polish the rainbow?


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Tutorial: Watermelon


I like to think of this design as being like a French manicure with a big twist.
1. Paint your nail bright red – I used Nails Inc King Edward Street
2. Apply a coat of green nail polish to the end of your nail, rather as you would apply nail tip whitener in a French manicure. I used Sinful Colors in Exotic Green.
3. Use a nail art brush, small dotting tool or nail art pen to apply the seeds in black. I used Nails Inc New York Noir.
4. Use a nail art brush or nail art pen to apply a white line between the green and the red. I used a Rio nail art pen in white.

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Tutorial: Umbrellas in the Park II

I decided to recreate a local piece of public art, which I blogged about here, in nail art form. This is the original….


….and this is the nail art


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