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GOTpolish Challenge: Skittle


Today’s mani was inspired by W7’s Lava Flow nail polish

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Tutorial: Cupcakes


It’s my birthday today! So what could be more appropriate than cake? Cupcakes, to be precise. If we’re using some artistic licence and squinting a little bit, it looks a bit like these cherry and coconut cupcakes that I made a while back.

I couldn’t decide if I preferred the design with or without ‘sprinkles’, so I did both!


This design is surprisingly time consuming, and it’s done entirely freehand. The steps I followed were
1. Apply a base coat in Barry M Gelly in Lychee
2. Using a nail art brush, apply stripes of Rimmel Hot Shot (bright pink) to the lower half of the nail. Allow that to dry. 3. Use a nail brush to apply stripes of Rimmel Pompous (slightly glittery purple) inbetween the stripes of Hot Shot. This will be your cupcake case.
4. Using a large dotting tool, apply OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to create the icing.
5. Again using a dotting tool, create a glittery cherry using Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! in Gorgeous Red
6. If desired, use a small dotting tool, use Hot Shot and Pompous to create ‘sprinkles’.

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Tutorial: Glittery Gifts


These sparkly little gifts make a great way to make your nails more festive.

nail art, christmas present, christmas present nail art tutorial, tutorial, To recreate this look

1. paint your nails in a base colour of your choice (I used Nails Inc King Edward Street and Soho Silver).
2. add a complementary glitter top coat – I used Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! in Gorgeous Red and an unnamed Barry M silver glitter.
3. Using a nail brush, paint a cross in a contrasting colour on your nail.
4. Using a dotting tool, add two loops and two short lines to create the bow.
5. Using a very fine brush or nail art pen, outline the ‘ribbon’ in black
6. Using the same tool, draw little ^ shapes at the edges of the bow, and then add a circle in the middle for the knot.

Finish with a clear top coat.

Want to see more Christmas themed nail art? Click here.

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Tutorial: Christmas Puds

It’s Christmas party season, so I thought I’d show you the surprisingly wearable and easy-to-create design that I wore this year.


This is a graphic demonstration of how I achieved the look. Working from left to right, and with your cuticle towards the bottom of the picture –

xmaspudnail1. Start with a base coat of white nail polish – I used OPI MY Boyfriend Scales Walls
2. Use a nail brush to apply several longer stripes of varying lengths, using brown nail polish. I used Barry M in Mushroom.
3. Use the same nail brush to apply shorter lines inbetween your original lines
4. Round out the corners
5. Use a dotting tool to apply three red dots. I used Nails Inc King Edward Street.
6. Use another nail brush, or a Rio nail art pen, to apply two small holly leaves. I used a Rio nail art pen in green.
7. Once the berries have dried, add a dot of red glitter nail polish on top of the existing berries, using a dotting tool. I used Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! in Gorgeous Red, though Barry M in Red Glitter seems to be a blogger’s favourite every Christmas! Finally, finish the look with a coat of clear nail polish to seal the design

Feeling festive? See other bloggers’ Christmas food nail designs here. You can also check out my other Christmas posts here, and you can find more tutorials here.

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Christmas Variety Nails

Christmas party season is upon us once again! So, time for some seasonal freehand nail art.


So, I started all the fingernails with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales walls. Then,
– Candy cane stripes: Nails Inc King Edward Street, applied with the aid of striping tape
– Rudolph: I started with the nose, which is Nails Inc King Edward Street, overlayed with Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! Gorgeous Red, both of which were applied with a dotting tool. I then applied Barry M in Mushroom with a nail art brush. The eyes were created with Rio nail art pens in black and white
– Christmas pudding: applied a wavy line of Barry M in Mushroom, and then filled in one side all using a nail art brush. The berries were created in the same way as Rudolph’s nose, and the leaves were done with a Rio nail art pen in green. See my tutorial here.
– Snowman: all the black bits were done with a black Rio nail art pen, the carrot nose is Barry M Gelly in Mango, applied using a nail art brush. The band on the top hat is Nails Inc Soho Silver, also applied with a nail art pen.
– Christmas tree: Rio nail art pen in green, and the tinsel was a Rio nail art pen in red, topped with Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! Gorgeous Red. In retrospect, I think this would have looked better in silver, but oh well! I then applied a rhinestone using a clear top coat. What you cant see from this picture is the baubles in BYS Glow in the Dark nail polish. However, in the dark they glow wonderfully well!

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