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GOTpolish Challenge: Orange

Today’s GOTpolish challenge was orange. Yikes. I never wear orange! Luckily I happened to have some Barry M Gelly in Mango left over from a couple of festive designs, so I was able to submit these butterfly nails today!

I was inspired by the famous monarch butterfly, which looks like this



I created the effect with three (!) coats of Mango. I then used two Rio nail art pens in black and white to draw on the design


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Tripolish: Flowers

Today’s Tripolish entry – flowers!


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Theme Buffet: Sparkle

It’s a bit past the season for full on glitter, so I’ve gone for something a bit more subtle for today’s Theme Buffet, which is all about sparkle.

I was inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope, and decided to do a galaxy mani using the colours from this photo, which is a 2010 image of the Carina Nebula.


imageMore after the jump…

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Tripolish Challenge / Red, Orange & Yellow / Setting Sun

So, this is my second contribution to the Tripolish Challenge! This month I’m using Barry M in Red Wine, Gelly Mango and Lemon Ice Cream. I’ve gone for a simple gradient design today – it kind of reminds me of a setting sun


You can find my other Tripolish efforts here 


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Tripolish Challenge / Red, Orange & Yellow / Aboriginal Art

So I’ve decided to do the 2014 Tripolish Tuesdays Challenge… exciting times! The rules are that you have to stick to the same three polishes each month, and publish a nail art design using those three colours every Tuesday. For January, I’m using three Barry M polishes: Red Wine, Gelly Mango and Lemon Ice Cream. Exciting times!

So, without further ado, here’s my first design!

aboriginal nail art

It’s Aboriginal themed, because they use a lot of red, orange and yellow rock-based paints in their art. The designs are genuine symbols and are (from left to right), kangaroo tracks, boomerang, human track and river.


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DIY Chalkboard Mani

So, firstly Ciate brought out their own Chalkboard manicure kit, which retails for £25 at Selfridges. It includes a matte black paint pot, a mattifying top coat, and four nail art pens.

One of Ciate's promo images

One of Ciate’s promo images

Now, to be fair, that’s not bad value if you don’t own any nail art kit, but Revlon has brought out its own version for £7.99 a pop at Boots

The Revlon offering

The Revlon offering

But, like many of you out there, I already have all the kit I need to create the same effect! So, I used a regular black nail polish (Nails Inc New York Noir) as a base coat. I then used a nail art brush to add some different designs using other colours of regular nail polish (Barry M Gelly in Mango, Rimmel Hot Shot, Rio nail art pen in white, Sinful Colors in Innocent and Barry M Gelly in Blueberry). Finally, I topped off the whole design with my favourite mattifying top coat – Bourjois So Matt – and the design was finished!


Bourjois So Matt top coat


Anything Ciate can do I can do… just as well for a fraction of the price!

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I love these little stylised penguin faces – very wintery without being specifically Christmassy.

To recreate this look, follow the diagram from left to right.
1. Paint your nail entirely in white (I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls)
2. Using a fine nail art brush, or a Rio nail art pen, draw an arch on the nail
3. Fill it in using more black nail polish
4. Using a small dotting tool, apply a triangle of orange nail polish for the beak. I used Barry M Gelly in Mango.
5. Using a large dotting tool, apply two white dots for the eyes
6. When dry, use a  small dotting tool to add a drop of black nail polish onto the eye



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Christmas Variety Nails

Christmas party season is upon us once again! So, time for some seasonal freehand nail art.


So, I started all the fingernails with a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales walls. Then,
– Candy cane stripes: Nails Inc King Edward Street, applied with the aid of striping tape
– Rudolph: I started with the nose, which is Nails Inc King Edward Street, overlayed with Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! Gorgeous Red, both of which were applied with a dotting tool. I then applied Barry M in Mushroom with a nail art brush. The eyes were created with Rio nail art pens in black and white
– Christmas pudding: applied a wavy line of Barry M in Mushroom, and then filled in one side all using a nail art brush. The berries were created in the same way as Rudolph’s nose, and the leaves were done with a Rio nail art pen in green. See my tutorial here.
– Snowman: all the black bits were done with a black Rio nail art pen, the carrot nose is Barry M Gelly in Mango, applied using a nail art brush. The band on the top hat is Nails Inc Soho Silver, also applied with a nail art pen.
– Christmas tree: Rio nail art pen in green, and the tinsel was a Rio nail art pen in red, topped with Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! Gorgeous Red. In retrospect, I think this would have looked better in silver, but oh well! I then applied a rhinestone using a clear top coat. What you cant see from this picture is the baubles in BYS Glow in the Dark nail polish. However, in the dark they glow wonderfully well!

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Tutorial: Umbrellas in the Park II

I decided to recreate a local piece of public art, which I blogged about here, in nail art form. This is the original….


….and this is the nail art


Tutorial after the jump…  Continue reading

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