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GOTpolish Challenge: Orange

Today’s GOTpolish challenge was orange. Yikes. I never wear orange! Luckily I happened to have some Barry M Gelly in Mango left over from a couple of festive designs, so I was able to submit these butterfly nails today!

I was inspired by the famous monarch butterfly, which looks like this



I created the effect with three (!) coats of Mango. I then used two Rio nail art pens in black and white to draw on the design


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Tripolish: Flowers

Today’s Tripolish entry – flowers!


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Tripolish Challenge / Red, Orange & Yellow / Setting Sun

So, this is my second contribution to the Tripolish Challenge! This month I’m using Barry M in Red Wine, Gelly Mango and Lemon Ice Cream. I’ve gone for a simple gradient design today – it kind of reminds me of a setting sun


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