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Theme Buffet: Cute

A dog themed mani! wpid-20140119_224450-1.jpg

For the Theme Buffet, today’s theme is cute, so I’ve done a dog-themed design.

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GOTpolish Challenge: Green

So, here’s the newest installment of the GOTpolish Challenge 2014! This week’s challenge is green. Not a colour I normally wear, I must confess, so my options for which polish I could use were somewhat limited.

So, to create this mani I
1. Used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (two coats)
2. Using the regular brush from the bottle, I applied an off-centre stripe of Sinful Colors Exotic Green
3. Using a Rio nail art pen, I drew four lines on each nail


Next week, I have a rather unromantic Valenines day mani for you!

Want to check out my other GOTpolish entries? See this https://procrastacreation.wordpress.com/tag/GOTpolish


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Tutorial: Mosaic Nail Art

This is a really simple nail art effect to achieve



More after the jump….


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Too Much Time on my Hands

According to my housemates, painting my nails means that I must have too much time on my hands. So I took it a bit literally…



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DIY Chalkboard Mani

So, firstly Ciate brought out their own Chalkboard manicure kit, which retails for £25 at Selfridges. It includes a matte black paint pot, a mattifying top coat, and four nail art pens.

One of Ciate's promo images

One of Ciate’s promo images

Now, to be fair, that’s not bad value if you don’t own any nail art kit, but Revlon has brought out its own version for £7.99 a pop at Boots

The Revlon offering

The Revlon offering

But, like many of you out there, I already have all the kit I need to create the same effect! So, I used a regular black nail polish (Nails Inc New York Noir) as a base coat. I then used a nail art brush to add some different designs using other colours of regular nail polish (Barry M Gelly in Mango, Rimmel Hot Shot, Rio nail art pen in white, Sinful Colors in Innocent and Barry M Gelly in Blueberry). Finally, I topped off the whole design with my favourite mattifying top coat – Bourjois So Matt – and the design was finished!


Bourjois So Matt top coat


Anything Ciate can do I can do… just as well for a fraction of the price!

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Tutorial: Watermelon


I like to think of this design as being like a French manicure with a big twist.
1. Paint your nail bright red – I used Nails Inc King Edward Street
2. Apply a coat of green nail polish to the end of your nail, rather as you would apply nail tip whitener in a French manicure. I used Sinful Colors in Exotic Green.
3. Use a nail art brush, small dotting tool or nail art pen to apply the seeds in black. I used Nails Inc New York Noir.
4. Use a nail art brush or nail art pen to apply a white line between the green and the red. I used a Rio nail art pen in white.

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Tutorial: Umbrellas in the Park II

I decided to recreate a local piece of public art, which I blogged about here, in nail art form. This is the original….


….and this is the nail art


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