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GOTpolish Challenge: Green

So, here’s the newest installment of the GOTpolish Challenge 2014! This week’s challenge is green. Not a colour I normally wear, I must confess, so my options for which polish I could use were somewhat limited.

So, to create this mani I
1. Used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (two coats)
2. Using the regular brush from the bottle, I applied an off-centre stripe of Sinful Colors Exotic Green
3. Using a Rio nail art pen, I drew four lines on each nail


Next week, I have a rather unromantic Valenines day mani for you!

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GOTpolish Challenge: Blue


This mani was created for the GOTpolish challenge, using Rimmel Salon Pro in Navy Seal, Barry M Gelly in Blueberry and Nails Inc in Soho Silver.


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GOTpolish Challenge: Stripes


This is my contribution for the GOTpolish Challenge stripes week. I’m quite shamelessly following a tutorial here from QTplace, which I have been a little bit in love with for quite some time!

Created using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Rio nail art pens in black and green, Essie We’re All In It Together (pale pink) and Rimmel Hot Shot (bright pink).

You can see all my other GOTpolish Challenge designs, as they’re released, here.


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Tutorial: Cupcakes


It’s my birthday today! So what could be more appropriate than cake? Cupcakes, to be precise. If we’re using some artistic licence and squinting a little bit, it looks a bit like these cherry and coconut cupcakes that I made a while back.

I couldn’t decide if I preferred the design with or without ‘sprinkles’, so I did both!


This design is surprisingly time consuming, and it’s done entirely freehand. The steps I followed were
1. Apply a base coat in Barry M Gelly in Lychee
2. Using a nail art brush, apply stripes of Rimmel Hot Shot (bright pink) to the lower half of the nail. Allow that to dry. 3. Use a nail brush to apply stripes of Rimmel Pompous (slightly glittery purple) inbetween the stripes of Hot Shot. This will be your cupcake case.
4. Using a large dotting tool, apply OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls to create the icing.
5. Again using a dotting tool, create a glittery cherry using Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! in Gorgeous Red
6. If desired, use a small dotting tool, use Hot Shot and Pompous to create ‘sprinkles’.

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In The Navy


Created using Rimmel Salon Pro in Navy Seal and a Rio nail art pen in white – this is a really quick design to do, because it’s just two lines across all your fingers except the ring finger, and a simple anchor on your accent ring finger.

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Jack Wills stripes



Jack Wills, the overpriced brand of rahs nationwide, uses pink and navy stripes a lot in their branding. For instance,

I decided to recreate the branding in nail art form, using two coats of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, and then using the brush element of a dark blue Rio nail art pen to create the stripes. I have to admit that Elizabeth Street isn’t the perfect shade for this – a slightly darker pink would have been better, but it still worked.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually been into a Jack Wills store, and I don’t intend to start now!

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Parisian Chic



Right, the Christmas manis are officially over and done with for one more year (because let’s face it, none of you are painting your nails on Christmas eve… too much present wrapping and cooking to be done at my house anyway!)

This is a Paris themed mani, inspired by something I saw on instagram, and created using Rimmel Aqua Cool, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and a dark blue Rio nail art pen. That thing on my ring finger is meant to be an Eiffel Tower… honest…

Merry Christmas everyone x

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Tutorial: Santa


Created using Nails Inc King Edward Street (red), OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white), Nails Inc New York Noir (black) and Bourjois 1 Seconde Gold.



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Gifts II



This is a much simpler version of a previous present-themed design from a couple of days ago.

Created with Barry M in Teal – which is a lovely duochrome. I then used a Rio nail art pen in white to draw a cross on each nail, with two loops and two short lines to create the bow

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Tutorial: Christmas Puds

It’s Christmas party season, so I thought I’d show you the surprisingly wearable and easy-to-create design that I wore this year.


This is a graphic demonstration of how I achieved the look. Working from left to right, and with your cuticle towards the bottom of the picture –

xmaspudnail1. Start with a base coat of white nail polish – I used OPI MY Boyfriend Scales Walls
2. Use a nail brush to apply several longer stripes of varying lengths, using brown nail polish. I used Barry M in Mushroom.
3. Use the same nail brush to apply shorter lines inbetween your original lines
4. Round out the corners
5. Use a dotting tool to apply three red dots. I used Nails Inc King Edward Street.
6. Use another nail brush, or a Rio nail art pen, to apply two small holly leaves. I used a Rio nail art pen in green.
7. Once the berries have dried, add a dot of red glitter nail polish on top of the existing berries, using a dotting tool. I used Miss Sporty Oh My Gem! in Gorgeous Red, though Barry M in Red Glitter seems to be a blogger’s favourite every Christmas! Finally, finish the look with a coat of clear nail polish to seal the design

Feeling festive? See other bloggers’ Christmas food nail designs here. You can also check out my other Christmas posts here, and you can find more tutorials here.

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