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Tripolish Challenge: Brown, Pink and Grey

So, we’re into February, and month two of the Tripolish challenge! I have to admit that I’ve struggled a little bit with the colour combo – I don’t have many polishes in brown or grey (i.e. one each!), it’s not a colour combo that I’d normally choose to put together, and it’s not really related to many things that you find in nature like last month’s challenge (red, orange and yellow) was. So, definitely a challenge!

One of the rules with Tripolish is that you stick to the same polishes for the whole month, so this month I’ve chosen

  • Barry M in Mushroom (brown)
  • Nails Inc in The Southbank (grey)
  • Essie in We’re All In It Together (pink)

So, without further ado, here goes!



If you’d like to see my other Tripolish entries, you can click here


You can see my other Tripolish entries here

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Tripolish: Flowers

Today’s Tripolish entry – flowers!


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Tripolish Challenge / Red, Orange & Yellow / Setting Sun

So, this is my second contribution to the Tripolish Challenge! This month I’m using Barry M in Red Wine, Gelly Mango and Lemon Ice Cream. I’ve gone for a simple gradient design today – it kind of reminds me of a setting sun


You can find my other Tripolish efforts hereĀ 


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Tripolish Challenge / Red, Orange & Yellow / Aboriginal Art

So I’ve decided to do the 2014 Tripolish Tuesdays Challenge… exciting times! The rules are that you have to stick to the same three polishes each month, and publish a nail art design using those three colours every Tuesday. For January, I’m using three Barry M polishes: Red Wine, Gelly Mango and Lemon Ice Cream. Exciting times!

So, without further ado, here’s my first design!

aboriginal nail art

It’s Aboriginal themed, because they use a lot of red, orange and yellow rock-based paints in their art. The designs are genuine symbols and are (from left to right), kangaroo tracks, boomerang, human track and river.


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